Compulsory Purchase

Compensation Claims for utility works & Compulsory Purchase

When your land is subject to compulsory purchase or access is required by a utility company to carry out works, it is essential to get first rate professional advice as early as possible so that a pro-active approach can be taken to negotiations.

Professionally prepared objections can often reduce the impact of a scheme. We can assist with a range of compulsory purchase schemes including roads and transport, telecommunications and utilities.

As your professional advisors, we can work on your behalf to:

  • Prepare and submit any objection to the scheme.
  • Negotiate to mitigate the impact of works
  • Inspect the installation and execution of the works, as required – each scheme is different and requires it’s own solution.
  • Negotiate Compensation Claims including crop loss and disturbance, drainage damage, stock movements, loss of value, loss of land and time.
  • In most instances seek reimbursement of fees from the utility company or acquiring body.

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