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Basic Payment Scheme (BPS)

C & D Rural are now trading English and Scottish Entitlements for claiming under the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) for 2019 onwards.  Entitlements can be traded throughout the year but parties wishing to claim on additional Entitlements in 2019 must have submitted a transfer request to the Scottish Government Rural Payments and Inspections Directorate (SGRPID) by the 2nd April 2019 or to the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) by the 15th May 2019.

Who will want to buy Entitlements

Farmers who have bought or rented land without Entitlements (naked acres) will wish to buy Entitlements.

Who will want to sell Entitlements

Farmers or Landowners who now have less than 5 hectare of land in England or 3 hectares of land in Scotland who cannot claim under the BPS Scheme.

A Farmer or Landowner who has sold or given up land and has more BPS Entitlements than eligible land.

Lot Sizes

Lot sizes can be split to suit the buyer but Entitlements cannot be stacked up i.e. you cannot buy two hectares of Entitlement and stack it on one hectare of land.

Basic Payment Scheme Entitlements Availability

All Types Required
 Region 1  87.12 ha    Offers  
 Region 1  35.23 ha    Offers  
 Region 2  127.21 ha    Offers  
 Non SDA   25.0 ha    Offers  
Updated February 2019

We will be trading three categories of Entitlements in England (i.e. Lowland and Disadvantaged (Non SDA), Severely Disadvantaged (SDA) and Moorland) as well as three categories or Entitlements in Scotland (Payment Region 1, 2 and 3).  Entitlements can be traded throughout the year but transfer forms must be submitted in Scotland to SGRPID for processing by the 2nd April 2019 and in England to the RPA for processing by the 15th May 2019 if the buyer wishes to claim payment on the bought in Entitlements in that particular calendar year.  V.A.T. will be payable on Entitlements if the seller is V.A.T. registered and all are entitlements will have VAT added unless stated otherwise.

Selling Your BPS Entitlements

If you would like to sell BPS Entitlements then please complete either the attached English or Scottish instruction form, as appropriate, and then either e-mail or post it back to us with a screenshot of your 2018 RPA online entitlement balance in England or your 2018 SGRPID online entitlement balance in Scotland to confirm that you hold these entitlements and that they have been established.

Instruction Form - Scotland

Instruction Form - England

If you have any queries or require any further information regarding the trading of Entitlements

then please contact Tracey Turnbull on (01228) 792299.